Thermal Insulation on Slabs on Hip/Pitched Roofs


While making the thermal insulation between the roof, the floor on which the application will be made must be free of dust, dirt, mortar residue, etc. that will prevent the surface smoothness and the placement of the EPS thermal insulation board on the surface. If necessary, floor leveling should be provided by laying screed, and then a heat insulation board should be applied. FSMTHERM EPS 100 is the most suitable insulation material used in Heat Insulation on Floors in Pitched/Pitched Roofs. The thickness of the FSMTHERM EPS 100 product to be applied should be determined in accordance with the ‘’ U.’’ value according to the climatic regions defined in the TS 825 standard.

FSMTHERM EPS 100 thermal insulation board to be applied on the floor; it is laid on the floor uninterruptedly and continuously, without leaving any gaps between the boards, and in such a way that there are no gaps at the wall joints. Since the roof will not be open to pedestrian traffic, FSMTHERM EPS 100 product with a compressive strength of 100kPa can be used easily. If somehow the load will come on the floor between the roof, then FSMTHERM EPS 150 thermal insulation board with a compressive strength of 150 kPa should be preferred. After the application, ventilation must be provided in the space between the roof and the thermal insulation board. Because the water vapor coming from under the floor should be evacuated by passing through the thermal insulation board so that it does not stay between the roof.

Thermal Insulation Product on Slab on Hip/Pitched Roofs

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