Exterior Sheathing

  1. Brick.
  2. EPS thermal insulation board.
  3. Plaster mortar 1st floor.
  4. Equipment file.
  5. Plaster mortar 2nd floor.
  6. Mineral plaster and exterior paint or acrylic-based decorative plaster.

Application Steps

Surface preparation: First of all, the surface to be applied must be free of dust, dirt, moisture and similar substances. The surface must be dry and clean before application. If there are cracks or cracks on the surface, it should be repaired with appropriate repair mortar. If there is an old paint-plaster or sheathing application on the surface, it should be cleaned from the surface and the surface should be prepared for application as a solid, clean and flat surface.

Placing the Basement Profile: The EPS thermal insulation boards used for the sheathing application are placed inside the sub-basement profile to create a smooth line and the coating process is started so that the EPS boards are adhered to the surface on this line and fixed.

Adhesion of EPS Thermal Insulation Boards: The stacking method is applied to the surface of the EPS thermal insulation boards that will come to the wall, in 3 different points at the same level, and the adhesive mortar is applied as a strip along the edges of the surface and is attached to the wall by pressing it to level it. Thus, it is ensured that the EPS thermal insulation board is attached to the wall from the body part and superficially from the surface edges.

Anchoring of EPS Thermal Insulation Boards: Wait at least 1 day after bonding. Because the applied adhesive mortar needs to dry, so that the EPS thermal insulation boards can be fixed mechanically to the wall with dowels. It is ensured that the mortar used in the adhesive application is dry and then the doweling process is started. The purpose of the dowel application is to protect the EPS thermal insulation board from the wind, etc. to increase its ability to adhere to the surface against climatic effects. The EPS thermal insulation board, which is attached to the wall, is fixed to the exterior with plastic dowels at the junctions with the other boards, six pieces per square meter.

Placement of Corner Profiles: Wind, rain, water etc. to protect the corners of the building on the exterior. Corner profile application is made in order to protect against the effects and to ensure the smooth appearance and durability of the sheathing application at the corners. Balcony, overhanging, Window etc. In order to remove rain and similar water currents from the surface in the building sections, drip profile and sill profile applications are made. It is to prevent damage to the dilatation parts of the sheathing application by applying the dilatation profile in places where there is dilatation on the building facade, and to ensure the continuity of waterproofing on the facade. The application of these profiles should be done before the plaster application.

Mesh Plaster Application: Two layers of mesh thin plaster are applied on the EPS thermal insulation boards, which are fixed to the exterior walls of the building with adhesive and dowels. The purpose of this application; It is to create a solid base for the exterior cladding, which is the last layer of the sheathing system, and to protect the EPS thermal insulation board against physical effects. For this reason, 2 layers of thin plaster are applied with alkali resistant mesh. The mesh is placed in the mortar so that it covers almost 70% of the first layer of thin plaster applied on the EPS thermal insulation board, and before it dries, the second layer of plaster is applied over the first layer with a slightly thicker layer and the mesh is kept completely between the plaster.

Decorative Exterior Coatings and Exterior Paint Application: After the 2 coats of mesh plaster application is completed and the plaster mortar on the surface dries (at least 1 day must be waited for it to dry), the final coat of facade coating is applied. The topcoat may be mineral plaster and exterior paint, or it may be Acrylic or Silicone-based ready-to-use colored, ready-to-use decorative plaster.
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