FSMTHERM Passive House Exterior Sheathing Application

In our Passive House Renovation project, which we started in Ankara-Etimesgut in September 2016 with the Zero Energy Passive House Association (SEPEV), we completed the Exterior Heat Insulation Application after the thermal insulation of the Foundation Walls.

Before starting the sheathing application, surface preparation was made with our Austrotherm EPS Plus product with a thickness of 25 cm and a heat transmission coefficient of 0.032 W/mK. The existing 5cm-thick exterior thermal insulation application of the building, which will be converted into a passive house, has been completely removed.

Loose façade parts on the façade surface were repaired, cracks and cracks were completely filled with structural repair mortar, old coating and mortar residues that would prevent adhesion and adhesion on the surface were cleaned, and the surface was made ready for sheathing application.

After the Surface Preparation Application was completed, the products to be used in the Sheathing application were prepared.

  • FSMTHERM EPS Plus Thermal Insulation Board 25cm
  • Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive Mortar 25kg
  • Thermal Insulation Board Plaster Mortar 25kg
  • Glass fiber based reinforcement mesh with high alkali resistance 160gr/m²
  • 31 cm. Dowel with steel nails- 25cm thick EPS thermal insulation board, the length of which is chosen.
  • PVC-Aluminium Corner Profile
  • Sill Profile
  • Aluminium – PVC Dropper Profile
  • Mesh Joint Profile
  • Dilatation Profile
  • Decorative mineral plaster
  • Exterior Paint was prepared.

FSMTHERM EPS Plus 25cm thermal insulation board CS(10) used in the application has a compressive strength of 70 kPa and provides thermal insulation by both absorbing and reflecting the sun rays thanks to the graphite additive it contains. In this sense, it has been used in passive house renovation because it offers higher thermal insulation performance than other Carbon EPS thermal insulation boards.

FSMTHERM EPS Plus 25cm Graphite Additive thermal insulation board of the same thickness was applied to the facade up to the roof floor, continuing on the 25cm thick FSMTHERM EPS thermal insulation board applied to the Foundation Walls. Heat insulation boards with higher density, which were applied to the foundation wall, were continued up to the height of the basement, and precautions were taken against damage. With the adhesive mortars used in the application, the EPS thermal insulation boards of 25 cm were adhered to the facade with the clustering method. After waiting for the adhesive to dry, the doweling process was started. 31 cm steel nailed anchors used against wind loads were applied in optimum numbers, unlike other applications in Turkey, in order not to damage the air tightness of the building. The weak façade movements of the existing building were covered with 10 cm thick FSMTHERM EPS Plus thermal insulation boards. Thus, while taking precautions against thermal bridges, the application was protected against mounting problems that may be encountered over time.

After the dowel application, thin plaster with mesh was applied. Cement-based sheathing plaster mortar and glass fiber reinforcement mesh with high alkali resistance were applied together. After the first layer of thin plaster application, the glass fiber reinforcement mesh was placed inside the plaster and immediately after that, without waiting for the first layer to dry, the second layer of plaster was applied with a slightly thicker plaster application. Thus, the application of two layers of mesh plaster was completed.

After the thin plaster application was completed, mineral-based decorative plaster was applied to protect the facade from the consequences of climatic and physical conditions such as rain and snow. The application was completed with the installation of the last coat of exterior paint.

FSMTHERM EPS Plus Thermal Insulation Board 25cm Technical Specifications

It complies with TS EN 13163+A1: 2015 standard.

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